Best Supporting Actress nominee, Kim Paris, starring in one of the lead roles in R&F Entertainment’s 9x Award-nominated heartfelt drama, takes a moment out of her busy schedule to promote her exciting nomination and her new film Maturing Youth at the Brightside Film Festival with hosts CJ Cullen, Hiram Ortiz, Brian Kopack, and fellow filmmakers Tom Bragg and Grey Machine Films.



Clips from the Podcast Courtesy from Hang Onto Your Shorts Podcast

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Kim Paris is nominated for Best Supporting Actress along with Eden Wright for Wink, Evi Siskos for Super-WomanTaylor Harris for Goodbye Chris, Morgan Scott for Fists of Endearment, Lainie Kazan for Unorganized Crime.

Tickets to the Brightside Film Festival start at $11.00 and up. Maturing Youth will be shown with four other short films, Harmony, Chosen, Super-Woman, Armed and Dangerous for an hour and 15-minute block. Tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE 

The Brightside Film Festival is held this weekend March 2 and 3. Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival is on May 4 and 5, 2019.