We Are The Weirdos is a short horror film festival brought to London and other places all over the UK by The Final Girls. It showcases some of the most incredible talent that horror has to offer and helps to support the Women in Horror Month, which is movement promoting badass chicks in horror. If you’re a lover of the genre and women filmmakers, this is a must see. For full screening details, scroll to the bottom!


Blood Runs Down

Even after seeing this previously at The Final Girls Festival Berlin, it still made an impact and felt just as incredible the second time round. The score is mind-blowing and really determines the atmosphere that’s felt throughout. The acting from both Idella Johnson and Farrah Martin is truly an example to others in the industry. This short horror film about a mother, a daughter, and a relentless demonic presence will really get underneath your skin.





One way to exhibit an artistic flare is through producing animated content, which can open up previous limitations that may have been presented when trying to film. Cerulia comes from director Sofia Carrillo and follows a girl who is haunted by her past and a lingering friend that seems to provide both comfort and torment to her. Every crooked head turn and unsettling giggle oozes inspiration from Tim Burton, which is never a bad thing when it comes to subtle and gothic storytelling. If you stare for long enough into the cracks of the short you’ll notice more and more strange details that really add intrigue to this short.





Remember all those monsters that were lurking under your bed as a child? Goodnight from director Diane Michelle explores what happens when a monster called Billy really does live under the bed of a little girl in this short horror. Unfortunately Goodnight doesn’t offer the audience anything original in terms of content as there are have been many films that focus on a creature lurking underneath the bed. The only aspect that perhaps has a slight twist is that it seems there may be something wrong with the Dad and it feels there was a hint to sexual assault, although it seemed a little skewed.




Hair Wolf

Holla, this short was LIT! Excuse the terminology, but once you’ve seen the outstanding and intelligent Hair Wolf from director Mariama Diallo you’ll totes understand the references… When white girl millenials start moaning for “braids” and sucking the soul out of black culture, a black hair salon must fight back and ensure the girls don’t destroy everything they hold dear. This short horror is filled with topical humour that really does take the piss out of the society that we’re currently living in. Littered with classic horror tropes from through the ages and tongue-in-cheek references, Hair Wolf is by far the baddest bitch of them all.





Even though Inseyd from director Jess Hudak might be the shortest of them all, it happens to be one of the best of the bunch. This animation follows a troll-type creature that has a nightmare about being inside the body of a living girl… If any more details are discussed it will really take away from this amazing little segment. If you want to know more about why those two minutes will please you… You’ll have to watch!




Puppet Master

Prepare to be disturbed in ways you cannot imagine with director Hanna Bergholm’s short Puppet Master. Loneliness can be a dangerous emotion to be stuck in, which one woman discovers when she allows a mysterious yet alluring man to transform her body into a puppet for which he can do as wishes. The colour tones painted throughout the short are exquisite, the sound production makes the entire film feel even more uncomfortable and won’t be suitable for those who cringe at intense sounds like nails on a chalkboard. The puppetry in this is like a melancholy ballet full of desperation, hope and anger. It is strange and mesmerising.





Contrasted images, perfect white teeth, flat lays to envy… #EatPretty is the visual wetdream of any Instagrammer influencer out there. Director Rebecca Culverhouse is trying to tell a profound story about how women are obsessed with looks and providing the perfect snapshot of their life, yet it seems the short film lacks something that connects the dot. It feels we’re left feeling a little dumbfounded at what the final message is and whether the protagonist is really eating men or just pretending to…





Director Kate Dolan has taken something that has happened to every woman at some point in their lives and completely spun it on it’s head. Two women are walking home at night when a man passes them and shows them his dick whilst masturbating. Once he gets home, he realises what a mistake he’s made when the girls show up at his doorstep asking his wife for help. Do you ever wish you could show those disgusting leering men that you could fuck them up if you wanted? Well Catcalls does that for us and provides a short horror that will have you feeling exceptionally satisfied by the end.




The Lady from 406

A woman becomes overwhlemed with the fact that her neighbour won’t stop smoking in their apartment, regardless to the fact that the smoke infiltrates their apartment where they have a young daughter. She decides to take action and ask the neighbour to stop, yet she soon finds out that perhaps she’s knocking on the wrong door. The whole way through director Lee Kyoung’s short horror we experience this perplexing feeling that something is amiss, but nothing quite seems to add up. That is until the very ending when everything goes from fairly light to one of the most fucked up and disturbing endings.




Where can you catch the festival?

23rd February – BFI Southbank, London

24th February – Rio Cinema, London

27th February – Film Theatre, Glasgowscreening at Glasgow Film Fest

27th February – Tyneside, Newcastle

28th February – Genesis, London

28th February – Plaza Stockport, Manchester  – Grimmfest monthly screenings

28th February – Broadway, Nottingham

More details available here