Do No Harm is an insanely well-made short film. Director Sam Blakeney-Edwards has crafted an unnerving film with a strong beginning, middle and end (all inside of 12 minutes). The premise of the film is about a Junior doctor ‘Dr Bloom’ (Oliver Rednall) on the night shift in A&E; overworked he fails to save the life of his patient. His tiredness and guilt play on his mind and impact his decisions for the rest of the night. 

Written by Javed Malik, who in his career as a consultant Psychiatrist had many of the same feelings and worries that a junior doctor would have. This, blended with Sam’s own experience of spending a night in A&E with his girlfriend who was rushed to hospital cements a worrying truth to Do No Harm. The whole hospital environment can be incredibly uncomfortable. The long dimly lit corridors to the cold sterile colour palette help create an eerie and interesting short film. 

Do No Harm took 4 days to shoot and over 8 months in post-production. The whole film is a true team effort from the director right down to the actors to the colourist and sound editors. It takes a group of talented people to make a short film look and sound as good as this one. The lead actors Oliver Rednall and Clare McGowan-Duffy both give strong performances.  

The excellent score, created by electronic duo Totul, whose background lies in dance and house music, helps create a mood and atmosphere which adds an extra layer which many short films don’t have. The use of sound effects of hospital equipment is a masterstroke.  

Overall Do No Harm is definitely worth watching. A well-made short film like this really stands out and should be seen by as many people as possible. It’s made by a group of young filmmakers who all have a bright future in the film industry. 

Do No Harm is now available to watch on Amazon Prime

Directed by: Sam Blakeney-Edwards
Cast: Oliver Rednall, Clare Mcgowan Duffy, Sophie Jones, Victoria Shepherd