In the early hours of this morning, the Alien Anthology twitter account posted a 14-second teaser that has got Alien: Isolation fans worked up into a frenzy that an announcement for a sequel is coming soon.

The 2014 survival-horror hit definitely deserves a sequel, but my initial hunch is we should be expecting something very different from the first game. If you’ve yet to scare yourself senseless by playing Isolation then I recommend you do so soon! If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise it’s well worth your time and money.

Alien: Isolation takes places 15 years after the events of 1979 horror-hit Alien as our protagonist Amanda Ripley investigates the disappearance of her mother. Amanda heads to the the Sevastopol space station to learn more about the Nostromo’s fate, but things quickly take a turn when she learns a deadly alien creature is lurking the space station.


A second teaser has been released and we’re still none the wiser if this is a hint for an Alien: Isolation sequel or possibly a continuation of Amanda’s story in a different format.


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