The final chapter of the Spider-Man’s The City That Never Sleeps DLC, Silver Lining, released a couple of weeks ago and having picked up the entire DLC pack whilst it was on sale I decided now would be a good time to get back into the swing of things and finish this story.

The City That Never Sleeps contains 3 chapters, The Heist, Turf Wars, and finally Silver Lining.

The Heist focuses on Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) as she pulls of a number of heists against Magia families across the city. Not one to sit idly by and let priceless works of art be stolen, Spider-Man attempts to intervene, but it would appear Felicia is a step ahead as always.

The story of this DLC offers a few twists and turns and makes for a couple of enjoyable hours. The missions mostly require a stealthier approach than the ones in the main story did, so it makes for a nice change of pace. For those of you who like to go in all webs blazing, you might find some of the missions a little slow. There’s also a Mary Jane mission thrown in which it probably could have done without if I’m being honest.

Felicia and Peter clearly have a history the game doesn’t explore, but their conversations offer some hilarious insight into what we’re missing out on. I would love for Insomniac to create some DLC that takes place early on in their friendship (I use that term loosely) and this would also allow us to play as a less experienced web-slinger and some first encounters with his notorious villains.

This DLC allows you to unlock the Spider-UK, Scarlet Spider II, and Resilient Suits to swing around in.

Turf Wars‘ gameplay may not be as long, but the story itself takes a much more serious tone than The Heist. In the hour and a half it’ll likely take you to complete this chapter, you’ll notice that Peter doesn’t make light of the situation that is evolving, much like he didn’t as you got to the conclusion of the main story. Hammerhead is building his forces and makes things personal with NYPD Captain, Yuri Watanabe, in the process. This leads Yuri to take matters in her own hands, much to the disbelief of Peter.

The missions in this second chapter are much more combat focussed, again changing the pace from the chapter before it. Fans of mass brawls will very much enjoy the missions undertaken here, and for those of you easily frustrated by them – buckle up! As Hammerhead kits out his gang with Sable tech the fights start becoming a lot more challenging.

This DLC allows you to unlock the Spider Armour – MK I, Spider-Clan, and Iron Spider Armour (a new personal favourite of mine!).

Silver Lining as the third and final chapter of this DLC and sees the return of Silver Sable (as if the name didn’t give it away…) who has come back to reclaim her stolen tech and remove it from dangerous hands. Going anymore into the plot here would spoil the story that unfolds in the second chapter – which definitely benefits from being a surprise when you play it for yourself! That is, of course, unless you watched the trailer for the chapter which decided not to keep that spoiler to itself!

I will say that it was great to see more of Silver Sable in action, and partner up with her in a couple of combat situations that makes for some great photo mode material. Again, there are a lot of combat heavy missions and challenges in this DLC that are made infuriatingly more difficult with the gangs wielding Sable’s stolen tech. My advice to you would be to choose your suit power and perks wisely!

This DLC allows you to unlock the Cyborg Spider-Man (as seen in the featured imaged), Into The Spider-Verse, and Aaron Aikman Armour suits.

All three chapters offer up new challenges and crimes to mop up, meaning there’s plenty to be done if you’re wanting to take your time completing the main missions.

As a whole, you’ll likely put around 6-7 hours into this DLC story and for me, it was worth every penny. The exploration of these characters and the story that is unfolding is much darker than I was expecting, but this nice surprise increased my enjoyment overall. The gorgeous new suits are just an added bonus, and whilst all of the might not be to your taste, it’s hard not to strike a pose in them.

Whatever Insomniac has up their sleeves next, I’m in. This DLC has proven there is plenty still to be explored and it leaves you wanting more. Except for Screwball, she can be left behind in this DLC and never referred to again for all I care! I am very intrigued to see what their plan is with Miles, and whether they’ve been building his arc up for nothing or if they do in fact have some Miles orientated DLC planned for us – which would be a fantastic move in my books, especially with the love for Into the Spider-Verse. I expect Yuri Watanabe’s story is far from over too.