Last Friday Star Wars Theory uploaded the first part of his fan-made Vadar film, Shards of the Past – and it’s had quite the reception from Star Wars fans and even reached #2 on YouTube’s trending list!  The film takes place in the early days of the Empire after the fall of the Republic. In true Star Wars fashion, the opening crawl text reads:

“Anakin Skywalker is DEAD. For eight months, the mysterious Darth Vader has enforced the Emperor’s commands. Fighting between the loss of Padme, and the new cursed life he now leads, Vader must do what must be done when a surviving Jedi Master from Order 66 has lured him to the home planet of his late Wife’s tomb…”

Whilst having nowhere near the budget of Disney, this fan-film boasts impressive visual design and CGI, which to me shows that a lot of love went into making this. I was particularly impressed with the shots of an un-masked and unarmoured Vadar, which actually led me to make an audible ‘woah’. The entire short is shot incredibly well and has left me wanting more.. so much more!

The film had a 2-night premiere in L.A last week for fans and supporters of the film and Star Wars Theory will be sharing the crowds reactions on his channel in the very near future.

The script for the full film has been completed, but there is no news yet if there an Episode 2 will actually be made. We’ll likely hear more news on this at the start of the new year, but we’re hoping with the amount of love it’s receiving will mean there will be even more supporters backing this fan-made delight.

You can watch the impressive 16-minute short below!