Robert Rodriguez has a very interesting filmography: some examples of his directing work are From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete and The Faculty as well as Spy Kids and the live-action adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel, which is due to be released in the UK in February 2019.

And he’s just released his next film, which is a 20-minute short titled The Limit, on the Playstation VR Store, Oculus Store and HTC Vive Store. That’s because this short is a Virtual Reality film.

The short, which looks very reminiscent of Hardcore Henry, stars Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast and The Furious franchise). The plot for The Limit is as follows:

“As a rogue agent with a mysterious past, you enlist the help of enhanced super-assassin M-13 (Michelle Rodriguez) to retrieve your identity and strike against the deadly organization that created you. Also featuring Norman Reedus, THE LIMIT will put you inside a high-octane 20-minute action movie like you’ve never seen!”


‘The Limit’ is available now via the website, at around £4-8:

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