After a freak car accident, Ron (Tommy French) and his mother Olga (Kierston Wareing) get trapped in a shipping container and are shipped off to Morocco. They only have the pyjamas they’re wearing and now they have to work together to travel across Europe to get home, attempting to rebuild their rocky relationship as they go.

I Love My Mum is everything you could want about two very confused Brits, stranded in Europe with no money and no foreign language skills. The situations Olga and Ron get into are farcical and often hilarious as they try to make their way back home. Olga and Ron act more like feuding siblings than mother and son, with Ron often being the more mature of the two of them as Olga seems like she never really grew up. She’s needy, impulsive and a liar while Ron is sometimes simultaneously a realist and very naïve.

Their relationship isn’t a solid one though their circumstance forces them to work together and attempt to communicate properly with one another, with mixed results. It’s both funny and strangely sweet seeing these two people slowly begin to understand one another, and French and Wareing have great and realistic chemistry.

This is Tommy French’s first film and boy does he have pretty perfect comedic timing. Ron is such a normal British lad, the kind of guy so many of us know or regularly seen on the street. He’s the kind of guy who knows some things when it comes to the world at large (when asked by his mother what they are when they’re stranded in Morocco, his guess is economic migrants, she was going for British) but when it comes to love and relationships is pretty clueless. I Love My Mum is smartly directed and edited, wide shots show Olga and Ron arguing in the middle of busy markets, showing how out of place they truly are, and some of the edits perfectly allow a joke to grow and then come to an abrupt yet brilliant conclusion.

The film does slow down a bit towards the end, substituting laughs for some more dramatic moments that don’t always hit the mark, but it’s still a really enjoyable film


Directed by: Alberto Sciamma

Starring: Kierston Wareing, Tommy French, Aida Folch

UK Release Date: 31st May 2019<