Young lovers Rebecca (April Pearson) and Michael (Karl Davies) are on their way to a romantic get-away when they find themselves with a flat tyre, in the dark, in the middle of the British countryside. Rebecca becomes paranoid that someone is watching them and tensions between the pair grow. The couple soon find their way to an idyllic cottage in the countryside, where the tension ratchets up further as a sinister presence lurks in the dark.  Shoes go missing, the TV turns itself on and then there is the phone call for the mysterious Alva…

Jamie Patterson’s ‘Fractured’ at first appears to be a straightforward combination of the stranger-on-the-road movie and the home-invasion trope. However, what unfolds over the short running time is far more interesting and tense affair as some familiar horror clichés are broken down, with some deft directorial touches elevating this above many high-concept low-budget films. Shades of Halloween, Los Cronocrimenes (Time Crimes) and fellow Brit horror Hush (2008) permeate throughout, but Patterson’s directorial voice remains firm.

The electronic score is also reminiscent of John Carpenter, but it does feel a little heavy-handed in places, with some scenes possibly being better left to play out without the punctuation.

Both Pearson and Davies are excellent in their roles, with their nuanced performances ensuring that Fractured could stand up to repeat viewings despite the neat sting in its tail.

While it’s a fairly short affair Fractured is thoroughly diverting and is elevated above many low budget horrors by some great performances, great direction, and good cinematography.

‘Fractured’ is available on Amazon Prime now.

Rating: ★★★½

Directed by: Jamie Patterson
StarringApril Pearson, Louisa Lytton, Karl Davies