The last film I saw at this year’s ‘Frightfest’ was an Austrian/British film called The Dark. The film is mainly set in one location and follows Mina, an undead girl who lives in the woods and feeds off human flesh. After meeting a blind abused boy called Alex that she decides to care for, she starts regaining human emotions, causing her to question herself.

I want to bring this up now before I continue the review: the plot details I was given before the film were a little misleading. I think, if I had gone in blind, I probably would have different opinions on it. Therefore, my review has been affected by this factor. The details I was given was that Mina is a ghoul that is cursed to haunt her childhood home. However, as you’ll see in the film, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Overall, I thought ‘The Dark’ was ok. The two main actors carried the film very well and they had good on-screen chemistry for the most part (although their acting was a little unbelievable in a couple of scenes). From the details I was given, I expected the film to be a fast-paced monster-esque movie. However, this film is a very slow paced, art-house style film. This works for the majority of the time, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that this would’ve worked better as a fast-paced adventure. There were also a lot of shots that overstayed their welcome on the big screen, and this got tiring very quickly.

The Dark was an interesting idea that unfortunately didn’t completely work in its execution. The cinematography was beautiful but the shots stayed on-screen for far too long most of the time. This would be great to watch on the big screen, just for the cinematography, but that’s about it.



Directed by: Justin P. Lange, Klemens Hufnagl
Starring: Nadia Alexander, Toby Nicholas