The world premiere of the latest ‘Star Wars’ spin-off, ‘Solo’, took place last night and the buzz this morning from lucky fans and critics who were in attendance finally seems to have built up some excitement amongst fans.

Due to drama behind the scenes, which included the firing or Lord and Miller (who were later replaced by Ron Howard), fans were skeptical that that the end product would meet any of their expectations. Rumours have constantly reared their ugly head over the last few months regarding the state of the film, but if these first reactions are anything to go by, fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

There was plenty said on social media about Ehrenreich when the news broke he was cast as the young Han Solo, but his performance is being hailed as “super impressive” and going as far as to say he was “perfectly cast”.  This kind of reaction will be sure to pique the interest of those stubborn few who would have just preferred a 75 year old Harrison Ford to play the role himself.

As expected, the audience appear to have fallen head over heals for Donald Glover as Lando, and there’s lots of love for his tin-can sidekick, L3, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Early reactions also suggest there are lots of surprises in store for us that Howard and co. have managed to somehow keep top secret – lets just hope no one out there decides to spoil these before its release!

For now, he’s some spoiler free reactions!