The social media embargo for ‘Wonder Woman’ has lifted and bloggers and critics alike were quick off the mark to tweet their thoughts… and so far there’s nothing but love for Patty Jenkins’ film, to a lot of fans relief. Some are calling it the best film in the DCEU so far, with most praising Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s performance. The positive buzz surrounding the film on Twitter this morning is exciting, with Jenkins herself tweeting out to thank everyone for their kind words.

Yesterday, fans in the USA had the chance to grab tickets to early preview screenings next week, so we can expect more reactions to fly onto Twitter when it’s screened. With this, we’ll also warn you that there will potentially be spoilers on Twitter, so next week might be a good week to utilise the mute feature if you want to dodge them. 

Below are a handful of tweets we’ve come across, but there are plenty out there!