[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDmaOUOtaM0&w=560&h=315]

“Borg vs McEnroe (Borg/McEnroe) is a film about one of the world’s greatest icons Björn Borg and his biggest rival, the young and talented John McEnroe and their legendary duel during the 1980’s Wimbledon tournament. It’s a story about two men that became legends and the price they had to pay.”

Earlier this week we had our first trailer for a tennis rivalry that went down in history, Battle of the Sexes‘. Now we have a trailer for another tennis match that the synopsis calls a “legendary duel”. Shia LaBeouf and Sverrir Gudnanson don sweat headbands and tennis rackets in this first teaser trailer about John McEnro and Björn Borg’s rival match during the Wimbledon 1980 final.

At just 50 seconds long, this teaser does an excellent job of being just that.. a teaser! It’s left me wanting to see more and to see what this film will show aside from the match itself. We’ll hopefully get to see what the two men went through in the run-up to this intense and historic Wimbledon final, and also maybe some insight into lives after the result of that match, which sounds like it would have taken an incredible toll on both of them. 

‘Borg/McEnro’ hits UK cinemas September 22nd