No promises with this one…

Set during the largely untold final years of the Ottoman Empire, ‘The Promise’ tells the story of a love triangle between Michael (Oscar Isaac), an ambitious medical student, the charming and captivating Ana (Charlotte Le Bon), and her American photojournalist boyfriend Chris (Christian Bale). Tension amongst the trio runs close to boiling point, however they attempt to put their personal dramas to one side as they attempt to escape the ever-spiralling violence and chaos around them.

Having premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September, ‘The Promise’ has been received with fairly mixed opinions. Many critics have praised Academy Award winning Terry George’s direction however criticising the film for being too romantically focused. Reviewers have also suggested that ‘The Promise’ relies on a tried and tested formula, appearing too afraid to focus solely on the atrocities committed during the concluding years of the Ottoman Empire, instead the film plays safe by centring around a love triangle. Having not yet seen the picture I am unable to comment on whether this is the case. This said, the trailer does seem to ring a rather familiar bell, evoking memories of John Madden’s ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’, which also coincidentally stars Christian Bale – all is not lost however as Nicholas Cage is not tipped to make an appearance in this one.

Putting the critics aside, the trailer teases us with a thoroughly engaging and poignant film which prospects some wonderful performances.

‘The Promise’ takes to UK cinemas on 28th April.

Written by Mark F. Putley