A Cure for Wellness

‘A Cure for Wellness’, from what I understand, is about some guy who goes to a wellness and then things get progressively weirder; as does the guy himself. Now, the reason I’m being so cryptic is because the trailer is only 30 seconds long and I don’t know much about the plot. Even if I knew more, I’d still be cryptic as I think this is a film, like most, that’s better when you know nothing; especially since it seems like it mostly relies on shock. In other words, ‘A Cure for Wellness’ has been marketed very well and I am very intrigued to see it. I will end it here by saying that ‘A Cure for Wellness’ is being directed by Gore Verbinski, has Dane DeHaan in it, and is coming to a theatre near you very soon!

‘A Cure for Wellness’ hits UK theatres on 28th February 2017

Fate of the Furious

‘The Fate of the Furious’… Why?

Not that I’m not excited, but nowadays it’s just insane beyond reason. Remember when ‘The Fast and the Furious’ didn’t need to do much to be cool, it just was? Well, I remember and I miss those days. But enough complaining, I am excited about ‘Fast 8’ but I also couldn’t care less. Still, I’ll probably go see it because I like explosions, over-the-top action, and Ludicrous as much as the next person but the franchise is wearing me thin and tiring mme down.

It’s just so fucking cool though! There’s a submarine, cars falling out of buildings, and Jason Statham! What’s not to love? Obviously I’m conflicted. But basically, my thought process is as follows… The movie looks good. It looks insane! It looks fun and like an absolute delight. I want to see it, but I’m getting bored of the insanity.

‘Fate of the Furious’ races into UK cinemas on 14th April 2017

Written by Dalton Brown