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Colossal, a film that’s fated to delight and frustrate

With the catsuit back in the wardrobe and the Oscar taking pride of place on the mantel piece, Anne Hathaway takes on a Colossal role in more literal terms. Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is an extroverted party girl. Following her relationship breakdown with boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens), Gloria returns to her hometown only to discover she has a peculiar telekinetic connection with a monster wreaking havoc on the streets of Seoul, South Korea.

The trailer has intrigue yet may mislead audiences into thinking they know exactly what the important themes are likely to be; every once in a while cinema-goers are treated to a film that just doesn’t get pigeonholed to a particular genre. ‘Colossal’ turns its back on convention and appears to be an unashamed concoction of sci-fi action, an added hint of comedy, with a kaiju foundation and a sprinkling of deep metaphoric drama. With all this said, Nacho Vigalondo presents a film that seems fated to delight the permissive however frustrate a more staunch monster movie fan base.

Earning respectable reviews from Sundance, I am excited to see Anne Hathaway add to an already broad and impressive portfolio of movies. It looks entertaining and fun, ironic and meaningful. It takes to US cinemas this April.

‘Colossal’ currently has no confirmed UK release date

Written by Mark F. Putley