A few surprises in the JumpCut UK writers’ top 10 of 2016

The festive season is over and the new year is here, and with the new year comes plenty of “best films of 2016” lists. Not one to miss out, the team here at JumpCut UK decided to pool together our individual top 10 of the year and create a Writers’ Top 10 of 2016. All of our writers were asked to name their personal top 10 films of the year, and they weren’t given any criteria about what kinds of film to choose (i.e they didn’t necessarily have to be films that would get film lecturers excited).

As our writers are from all over the world, there were no limitations as to the release dates – if the film was released in your territory in 2016, it’s eligible. Because the UK gets some films later than others, ‘La La Land’ may well be lower in our list than you would have expected.

Below is our Writers’ Top 10 – the ten films that were mentioned most often in the individual top tens. Now, this list may look a little different to many other end of year lists, and we think that’s a good thing. Feel free to click on any of the films here and you’ll be directed to our reviews.

1. Arrival
2. Hell Or High Water
3. Rogue One
4. The Nice Guys
5. Nocturnal Animals
6. 13th
7. 10 Cloverfield Lane
8. Sing Street
9. La La Land
10. Moana

So, what do you think of our Writers’ Top 10? Be sure to leave us a comment with your own favourites of 2016.

Written by Abbie Eales