Sometimes, before you go and see a film, you have a rough idea of what type of film it might be. Before seeing ‘Bad Moms’, I’d written it off as a trashy, unfunny, gross-out film, and I really didn’t think I would enjoy it. The saying goes that you should ‘‘never judge a book by its cover’’, and perhaps in this case, you should ‘‘never judge a film by its trailer’’. I understand why this film has been marketed the way it has, because as with most comedies, the trailers feel the need to put the best jokes in as the big draw, but there is definitely more to ‘Bad Moms’ than meets the eye.

The film centres around two different “clans” of mothers at a school – the mothers who are sensible, prim and proper and actually quite snooty and judgmental, and the others, who are more laid-back, fun, outgoing and friendly. To put it simply, the two groups clash, as the “good moms” become horrified at how their counterparts behave, and the “bad moms” aim to bring down their “rivals”.

This film does have all the gross-out and crass elements I was expecting, but I was surprised to find that this film actually had a surprising amount of heart. The ‘‘bad moms’’ in question, undoubtedly behave badly, but there’s some genuinely sweet moments about motherhood and families that made this stand out from the average comedy.

The cast are the real highlight for me though, featuring some of the funniest women working in film at the moment. I was already a big fan of Kathryn Hahn, and I loved her in this film. She stole every scene she was in, and consistently made me laugh. Christina Applegate is also wonderful as the controlling PTA President, and seems to really relish the outrageous opportunities she has to be as mean as possible.

This film doesn’t try to do anything ground-breaking, and the character portrayals are a little cliché, but the cast certainly make it watchable, and the fact it has something else to it other than the ‘‘moms behaving badly’’ idea made it even more enjoyable. I really could’ve done without the romantic subplot involving Mila Kunis’ character however; it added nothing to the overall storyline, and it is a shame that the film backed away from just having a film about women being very funny, and felt the need to shoehorn this in.

Overall though, I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I fully understand it won’t be for everyone, as comedy is so subjective, however if you like at least some of the cast, and want to see a film that will almost definitely make you laugh at some point, then give this one a watch.

Rating: 6.5/10