Written by Dalton Brown

Starring Natalie Dormer as Sara (and as her twin, Jess), ‘The Forest’ is about the infamous “Suicide Forest” found in Japan. Sara’s twin sister, Jess, ventures out into the forest, and upon hearing the news, Sara travels to Japan with hopes of finding her sister. Sara swears – multiple times throughout the movie – that Jess has not offed her life and that she is still alive. So with the help of a couple of strangers she meets in a bar one night, Sara goes looking for her sister.

I was going into this film expecting it to be an absolute monstrosity. Instead, it was just a monstrosity; not absolute. Jokes aside, it really wasn’t good. It was an unsatisfying mess that never entertained me. Even the jump scares grew tiresome after a little while, and let me tell you, there were a lot of jump scares.

I found myself growing very bored and tired with each passing second. It just never fully held my interest. When the ending finally came along, I contemplated clapping. Not because the film was good, but because it was finally over. I’m a firm believer that sarcasm is the highest form of wit.

Much like the actual forest itself, ‘The Forest’ messed with my mind. It made me think that it was better than it actually is. I think I might have hated it, to be honest. It lacks entertainment; it lacks substance; it lacks everything I look for in a movie. It’s just a bad, bad movie.

Overall, if you want an unsatisfying horror movie that serves no purpose and has no real reason to exist then I’d recommend ‘The Forest’. However, if you want something good then I’d suggest anything else. Hell, I’d be more willing to suggest ‘Movie 43’ faster than I would be willing to suggest ‘The Forest’. Just please, watch anything else.

Rating: 3.0/10

Director: Jason Zada
Starring: Natalie Dormer, Eoin Macken, Stephanie Vogt