Comic-Con 2015 has given ‘Sherlock’ fans the best gift ever; I’m talking about the British TV version starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Steven Moffat and the ‘Sherlock’ production team are releasing a one-off, vintage episode for Christmas 2015. Set in Victorian times, this special will be an extraordinary event and will be screened in selected cinemas worldwide before its television debut.

JumpCut UK author Chris Winterbottom recently discussed declining cinema audiences and the reasons for this drop in attendance, in his feature ‘TV Killed The Movie Star’. TV series can deliver highly addictive, long-form, immersive storytelling which arguably a film cannot.

Are we on the brink of a new element in cinema that might revive this recreation? TV programmes have been made into films many times before, but an auditorium based, premiere style screening of a highly successful TV series is virtually unique. One thing is for sure, following the recent discussion panel at Comic-Con – all the fans worldwide want to know in which countries and in which cinemas that screening will appear. We’ll let you know the minute we hear anything!

Written by Wan Tyszkiewicz