A quick look at the entertainment press, and the hunk of Hollywood right now – Chris Hemsworth – has a new job, after being chosen to play the receptionist in the much anticipated all female cast reboot of ‘Ghostbusters’. No, seriously! The film looks set to invert all aspects of the classic Ghostbusters franchise by popping Hemsworth in there as a bit of eye candy for the ladies.

Director Paul Feig has his hands full, with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones starring and Dan Aykroyd producing. As if Hemsworth could put a foot wrong though, right? Err….there was Blackhat (2015) directed by Michael Mann and even Hemsworth couldn’t save that disaster.
An interesting article in The Guardian’s film section however, suggests that this could be a rather shrewd career move by Chris Hemsworth. IF he pulls it off, going from ‘Thor’ to desk attendant would be quite the credit to add to his resumé.
Written by Wan Tyszkiewicz