I bet you’ve all been thinking recently; “I need a new Robin Hood movie in my life”, right? Well you lucky devils might just be treated to three. With Disney developing a script titled ‘Nottingham & Hood’, and Sony looking to form its own Robin Hood universe with Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott’s ‘Hood’ project, is there really room for a third guest at an already bustling party? When you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, there’s always room.

Leo has paired up with Joby Harold, whose recent works include writing for ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ and the upcoming Guy Ritchie flick ‘Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur’, to develop a script. Despite Harold’s strong links with Warner Bros on both projects, it seems Leo is keen to take the film to Sony, who would surely have to choose between their current commitment on the ‘Hood’ project and DiCaprio’s new venture, titled ‘Robin Hood: Origins’.

But with a franchise-tempting title and the prospect of a DiCaprio driven project, it is hard to imagine any production house resisting. Especially if they can get Leo to pick up the bow and arrow himself.

Written by Jakob Lewis Barnes